Shelly Petersen

Shelly is a psychic medium & intuitive artist who is teaching women to embrace their Divine Feminine Power and live the life they truly desire!

Make IT Manifest

A fun step-by-step manifesting experience that will show you how easy it can be to Co-Create with the universe.

Divine Alignment - Discover Your Inner Magic

Discover your inner magic by aligning your energy with the universe. Learn tools and discover ways to come into alignment with your desires - and STAY there!

Ignite Your Light

Learn to use your innate spiritual gifts and access the awareness you need to trust your own psychic senses!

Divinely Aligned Bundle!

Join both massively transformational Law of Attraction programs at one great price!

Course Bundle

More About Shelly Petersen

In the past 5 years working with the Law of Attraction, Shelly has been able to successfully move from suffering to thriving. It is now her mission to teach others how to dot he same in a much shorter time!

Shelly also uses her skills and knowledge as a spiritual light worker to teach her clients and students to connect with their own spiritual gifts.

When she's not working on her laptop you can find her playing with her boys - a husband, son, and furbabies.